As we show in our new post, if the rig count continues to increase, the Permian could already top the previous record high (March 2020) in the 2nd quarter:

In our latest post we show that last year’s wells are performing slightly better than earlier ones, but that in the older fields (Parshall/Sanish) pressure depletion rears its ugly face

However, drilling activity in Karnes, responsible for 30% of oil output in the basin, has plummeted to just 3 rigs (49 in May 2012). Was lower well productivity responsible for this?

New Mexico is responsible for most of this growth, which we explain in our latest post

But it will take years before a new record is made. Unlike tight gas output, which already set a fresh record in May

Chesapeake is outperforming the competition with its latest well results:

The rig count may not be sufficient yet to stem the declines, but well productivity saw an uptick so far in 2021. EOG now gets most of its production from the Permian instead.

Normalized well productivity fell slightly, while Q2 permit activity is up.

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