Tight gas production in Pennsylvania came in at 20.4 Bcf/d in September.

With the 2 rigs that were added in the past month we project small increases in output, at current conditions. Permit activity has stabilized after falling for many years

This article contains still images from the interactive dashboards available in the original blog post. To follow the instructions in this article, please use the interactive dashboards. Furthermore, they allow you to uncover other insights as well.

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These interactive presentations contain the latest gas (and a little oil) production data, from all 10,292 horizontal wells in Pennsylvania that started producing from 2010 onward, through September.

Total production

Natural gas production in Pennsylvania came in at 20.4 Bcf/d in September (Hz. wells only), slightly below where it started this year (20.7), but 1.8 Bcf/d higher than 12 months earlier.

Supply Projection

Since our previous update one month ago, 2 additional rigs have moved to this state. With 19 rigs drilling horizontal wells, we project a small positive growth rate in natural gas output at current conditions:

Horizontal rig count and tight gas outlook in Pennsylvania, based on current drilling activity & well productivity

This image was taken from our Supply Projection dashboard.

Permit Activity

After many years of declining permitting activity, the number of approved permits has stabilized since the beginning of last year:

The number of approved permits for Hz. wells in Pennsylvania over time, by permit status, through the middle of November.

In the 3rd quarter this year, permits for 153 new horizontal wells were approved.

Coterra Energy (formerly known as Cabot), and EQT are in the lead with the most approved permits so far this year (69 & 61 respectively).

Well productivity

Well performance has increased materially over the years, and last year again a big improvement was visible:

Well productivity in Pennsylvania (cumulative production vs. months on production), by vintage year of first production.

The 481 horizontal wells that came online last year (shown in light blue) are on track to recover 4 Bcf of natural gas in the first year on production, on average. In comparison, it took the wells that began production in 2013 5 years to reach that level. Note that the performance of the wells completed this year are following a similar trajectory as the ones from last year.

Top operators

In the final tab (“Top operators”), the output and well locations of the top 10 natural gas producers in Pennsylvania are displayed.


Our next post will be on the Haynesville.

Production data is subject to revisions.


For this presentation, I used data gathered from the following sources:

  • Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
  • FracFocus.org

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Dedicated to developing the best Visualization & #Analytics solution for the #Shale #Oil & #Gas industry. Follow us and gain insights on Shale Production.

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ShaleProfile Analytics

ShaleProfile Analytics

Dedicated to developing the best Visualization & #Analytics solution for the #Shale #Oil & #Gas industry. Follow us and gain insights on Shale Production.

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